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Errol Flynn did. He found his in Port Antonio and subsequently moved there to spend much of his time. It has also attracted many of the world's moguls, movie stars and celebrities alike. Port Antonio is nothing short of spectacular. Picture a quiet romantic harbor town surrounded by open Caribbean Sea and towering mountains, with roadsides framed in wild orchids, bananas, tree ferns and palms.

During your stay at Shoreham Green, it is highly recommended that you visit some of the sights to enjoy the spectacular beauty that abounds around every corner. Your staff will be happy to arrange transportation and guide you through your selections.Some of the more popular  sights are:


Frenchman's Cove

Perhaps one of the prettiest beaches on the island, Frenchman's cove is just minutes from your Villa. Rich with history, this cove was once the location for one of the most prestigious hotels in the world, hosting celebrities and royalty from many nations.  Now it can be yours to enjoy.  Relax on its sugary white sand beach under the warm Caribbean sunshine. Be sure to sample the white linen service of the local beach bar and restaurant with formal waiters dressed in black and white. A fresh water river meets the sea on the beach and forms a large picturesque lagoon, bursting at the seams with beauty.  Enjoy this retreat... day after day after day.

San San Beach

This crescent shaped white sand cove offers relaxing fun filled days with its calm aquamarine waters, perfect for snorkelling or swimming. As a guest of Shoreham Green, access is available to this pristine beach by way of private membership.

Raft the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande River flows from the peaks of the Blue Mountains to the sea.  Long bamboo rafts with a private captain meander down the river through jungle valleys with many extraordinary sights along the way.  Made popular in the 1950’s, this tradition continues today providing a romantic and unique journey where no roads go.

Reach Falls

A short drive from Your Villa is one of the most pristine natural water falls in the area.  The falls are created from a natural spring and flow through a tropical rain forest towards the sea.   To experience the true beauty of the river, a guide will walk you up the river unveiling breathtaking scenery that will have you in awe.

Diving and Snorkeling

There are many great places to dive and snorkel only minutes away.  Shoreham Green has many close working relationships with many local businesses and one of them is Lady G’diver Dive shop. They offer full equipment rentals, training and even full certification. You can be sure that you will discover the best locations for reef diving as well as a number of ocean walls with large Rays, Grouper, Eels and the traditional array of spectacular reef species.  Snorkeling in many of the same waters is very pleasurable.  San San Beach offers great snorkeling among protected waters with shallow reefs teeming with a wide variety of tropical fish.

Deep Sea Fishing

Port Antonio boasts some of the best fishing in the Caribbean just off its coast.  The annual marlin tournament draws trophy fishermen from around the world each year.  One of the largest Marlin runs in the Caribbean lies just one mile from Port.  Many charter craft are available for hire in Port Antonio to take you to the waiting catch of the day.  Once you’ve landed your prize, your staff will be glad to prepare and serve it for dinner that evening.

Non Such Caves and Gardens

A beautiful drive into the mountains to experience million year old caves and botanical gardens in the center of a coconut plantation.  Truly one of the most breathtaking views of the coast and Caribbean Sea in the area.

The Beaches

This crescent shaped white sand cove offers relaxing fun filled days with its calm aquamarine waters, perfect for snorkelling or swimming. As a guest of Shoreham Green, access is available to this pristine beach by way of private membership.

Fine Dining

Based on comments from our guests and our attention to detail, you will encounter exquisite dining at each and every meal in your own private Villa, but should you care to venture out, the selection is wide. Many fine restaurants can be found in and around Port Antonio.  Experience the well renowned Trident hotel, Gee Jam, Anna Bananas, The Italian Job and many others.  Don’t forget to sample the little side of the road restaurants that usually offer some of the freshest and most tantalizing flavors found anywhere.

Night Life

After a relaxing day, if you’re looking for some excitement, there are several clubs in Port Antonio that will get your spirits jumpin’.  The Roof Club, popular for many years offers dancing to a reggae beat. Other clubs are more subdued and relaxing.  Also, many scheduled events throughout the year are planned. Ask your butler for assistance on local events. Many other local attractions and sights are available.  We will be happy to provide a Guide to Port Antonio with your booking package at Shoreham Green.